Organizing Commitee Members

Nicolet Jean Louis       

Consultant & Trainer
Plant Breeding Consultant,



Nicolet Jean Louis has 40 years of experience in seed industry and vegetable breeding. He graduated as Agronomic Ingenior ENSA Montpellier in 1973.He has Experience of 41 years in Sluis & Goort then Syngenta and 15 years as crops manager.

Research Interests

  • Fruity vegetable breeding
  • Creation of commercial F1
  • Interspecific crossings
  • Development of molecular markers
  • Biotic & abiotic stress resistances


Klaus Ammann

Consulting in Biodiversity and Biosafety of GM crops
University of Bern



Prof. Klaus Ammann is a Professor at University of Bern who has the intention to encourage the learning process in protecting the Biodiversity, risk – benefit assessment of genetically engineered crops and he does public debate about biotechnology. He was lecturer at University of Bern from 1976-2006. He became Honorable Professor for University of Berne at 2000 and got his retirement at 2006. He served in numerous committees: Chair European expert committee on plant conservation, Council of Europe, founding member of steering committee Planta Europa, Biosafety Committee of the Government of Switzerland, board of directors of Africa Harvest, chair expert group on biodiversity of European Federation of Biotechnology.

Research Interests

  • Safety Assessment of the Release of Transgenic Crop
  • Gene Flow of Maize in Europe
  • Database on Invasive Plant Species
  • Micro-Biomimetics and Biofuels
  • Campaign Activities pro-GMO and Golden Rice.


Prof. Umesh K. Reddy

West Virginia State University
United States

Umesh K. Reddy


He has developed a network of national and international collaborations, and established the infrastructure to conduct plant genomic teaching and research.He was Assistant Research Scientist at Texas A&M University from 1997-2001 and from 2001-2004 he was Assistant Professor at Alcorn State Unviersity. Then he was Associate Professor of Biology at West Virginia State University and currently he is Professor at the same university. He has used novel techniques in genomics and genetics to understand evolution, invasiveness, phytoremediation of mine site soils and contaminated water, enhance nutritional quality and taste in vegetable crops, and increase resistance to diseases and insects.

Research Interests

  • Genetics & Plant Breeding
  • Genetics
  • phytoremediation
  • Disease resistance in vegetable crops


Ebtesam H.M. Al-Ali

Research Scientist
Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research

Ebtesam Al-Ali


Ebtesam Al-Ali obtained her BSC in 1993 from Kuwait University Worked for Kuwait University as Research Assistant, then joined KISR on October 5, 1993 and led eight projects; she has published more than30 papers in reputed journals and international conferences. Her field of experience, in plant virus detection, primer design, cloning and sequencing, ELISA, DNA Extraction, PCR Amplification, RCA Rolling Circle Amplification, TYLCV detection on tomatoes, also trained twice in the University of Wisconsin Madison under the supervision of Prof.Amy Charkowski. As well as University of Washington state under supervision of Pro.Hanu Pappu.

Research Interests

  • Plant Virus
  • Bioremediation
  • cloning and sequencing
  • PCR Amplification and
  • Botany

Prof. Dr. Ikramullah Khan

Research Scientist
Kunming Institute of Botany, KIB, Chinese Academy of Sciences



Prof. Dr. Ikramullah Khan is a Research Scientist, Kunming Institute of Botany, KIB, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yunnan, China.He is a Project Director at Establishment of Botanical Garden and Climate Change Research Centre, Pabbi, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan .He is also a Chairman of Department of Botany, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, KP, Pakistan.He serves as a Director of Abdul Wali Khan University Botanical Garden, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, KP, Pakistan.

Research Interests

Behzad Shadeghzadeh

Dryland Agricultural Research Institute

Behzad Sadeghzadeh


Behzad Sadeghzadeh is currently Asso/Professor in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology in Dryland Agricultural Research Institute (DARI). He is principal investigator at Dryland Agricultural Research Institute (DARI), currently acting Coordinator of Barley and Durum Wheat Breeding Program for dryland areas. His doctoral dissertation was conducted under the direction of Professor Zed Rengel in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Department, the University of Western Australia (UWA). He have joint projects with ICARDA, Turkey-CIMMYT-ICARDA, and CIMMYT on breeding programs.He has also published more than 100 papers after my graduation from the University of Western Australia, 2008.

Research Interests

  • QTL mapping
  • Plant Breeding
  • Cereal Biofortification
  • Crop Molecular Breeding
  • Barley and Durum Wheat Breeding

Dr.Yahia Nourredine

University of Oran 1

nourredine Yahia


Dr. Yahia Nourredine has completed his bachelors degree in the field Biosystematics and Plant Breeding at University of Constantine 1 from 1985-1989. He has Completed his masters degree in the field of Plant breeding and genetics in the University of Oran in the year 1992-1998. He has completed his PhD in the University of Oran in the field of Plant Breeding and Genetics. He is also an researcher in the University of Oran from 1999 to till date.

Research Interests

Plant Breeding and Genetics

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