Plant Genomics 2019

Conference Theme: “Exploring the recent advancements in Plant Genomics and Plant Science research

Plant Genomics is the part of molecular biology which is an evolutionary field of study that has gained rapid development of advanced research and data management tools in the past years. The recent advancement in technologies have integrated our ability to analyse and understand plant genomes and its vital role in sustaining life on earth. The sustainable production of raw materials for food, nutrition, feed, fibre, medicines and fuel can be achieved only through the study of Plant Genome and Plant Sciences. Therefore, research in plant science needs more attention and investment from both public and private sector agencies to fund for developing next-generation agricultural materials for keeping a secure and sustainable future.

To engineer plants as a source for food, fibre, renewable energy, and bioremediation, the genomes of many plant species have to be analysed. Sequencing the plant genome of the important crops will provide the necessary encyclopaedia of genes that will form the backbone for gene discovery. This pool of genes will form a national resource for insertion of genes, via biotechnological procedures, into crop plants lacking some characteristics, thereby adding or subtracting desirable and undesirable properties to enhance plant life.cropped-21.jpg

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